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Simple tool allows you to see special effects that are put into videos and images

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Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player Firefox, Safari, Opera

Adobe Flash Player is software that's designed to allow dynamic content to be played back universally in web browsers.

Adobe Flash Player has come under fire by security experts and users alike for its numerous security flaws detected over the years. While Adobe has worked tirelessly to patch these vulnerabilities, they have plagued the software since it was released many years ago. Additionally, HTML5 has added native support for many things that used to be exclusive to Flash. Perhaps five years ago, Flash Player was necessary to watch videos, play games, and perform many other basic tasks online through a web browser. In recent years, HTML5 has overtaken it in popularity, mainly due to its compatibility with mobile platforms.

While newer web apps tend to avoid using Adobe Flash, many older websites and larger websites that have not been able to afford to stay with modern web design trends still have content that is in Flash. If you're not using a browser that has Flash support embedded, such as Google's Chrome browser, you will need to download Adobe Flash Player in order to view the content. There aren't many viable alternatives due to the proprietary nature of Adobe Flash Player.

Finally, Adobe Flash Player is useful for legacy support. The era of ubiquitous Flash games may have ended, but there is still a wealth of content online that requires Flash. While you won't be able to load it on your mobile device, this software will still enable you to access the content on your Windows machine. As of now, many of the security flaws have been patched. As the software has become a source of decreasing revenue, Adobe has recently begun to put in "suggested downloads". These are essentially sponsored programs that the user can opt out of installing when they install Flash Player. It's a form of advertising that understandably is needed to keep Flash Player patching and development above water.


  • It is still necessary to be able to access many games and videos online.
  • It's always been free
  • Performance is generally good on newer computers


  • Download contains adware, which users can opt out of
  • Is generally antiquated compared to HTML5 apps
  • Sometimes crashes (but due to poorly coded sites, not Flash Player itself)

Adobe Flash Player is a plugin that is necessary to view videos, observe animation and play games. Videos cannot play, and you cannot play games that require flash without having Adobe Flash Player installed on your Web browsers.

The newer version of Adobe Flash Player supports additional video coded, providing superior high-definition picture quality and clearer sound. It allows viewers to enjoy sites like YouTube and other applications that have a lot of videos and animation. Without Adobe Flash Player installed on your browsers, you cannot view many Web pages correctly, and many games and videos will fail to play. It also supports the newest Action Script 3.0 that allows users to view new three-dimensional graphics.

The newest Adobe Flash Player software also has better performance and new features in comparison to previous versions. Adobe Flash Player is supported by Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Mac OS requires OS X 10.6 or higher to use the newest version of Adobe Flash. The software is supported on different Web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome. You will need to install Adobe Flash Player separately on each browser. However, Google Chrome comes with Adobe Flash as part of the package.

This plugin works in the background, and adjustment any of the settings is unnecessary. The newest version has better integration with Web browsers that uses the system resources more effectively, reducing the amount of memory it uses. The software also includes important security updates that will protect your computer from malware and viruses.

The Adobe Flash software has a few flaws, most of which occur in Google Chrome. Adobe Flash Player may freeze the browser and give a notification stating that the player stopped responding. Once the prompt is stopped, it will restart automatically. Adobe Flash will also leave a popup at the top of each tab after it restarts.

Adobe Flash Player is a required plugin that enables you to view websites the way they are supposed to be viewed. Watching videos and playing flash games also requires that the newest software be downloaded onto your Web browsers. Almost 98 percent of computers connected to the Internet have Adobe Flash Player installed. The program provides faster and better graphics on Web pages without the need of adjusting any settings, making it easy for anyone to enjoy the benefits.


  • Necessary to view websites properly
  • Allows viewers to watch videos and play games on many devices
  • Faster and better graphics
  • Security updates to protect your computer from threats
  • Available on all Web browsers
  • Supports viewing three-dimensional graphics


  • The software can freeze Web browsers, especially Google Chrome
  • Creates pop ups at the top of tabs after freezing
  • Stability problems

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